Software for cannabis cultivation teams.

Fire Tower app

Everyone organized.

Get your teams working on the same page with Fire Tower's grower-friendly app streamlined for day-to-day cultivation work.

Designed for people who work on their feet, Fire Tower makes it easy for teams to share progress, manage tasks, chat and ask questions, whether they're across the warehouse or across the country.

Like having a master grower in every room.

Scale your cultivation strategies with automated workflows that help bring your SOP’s out from the dusty binder, where no one can see them, and into the hands of your grow techs. We built Fire Tower to help you produce repeatable, efficient harvest batches.

Put fires out quickly.

Successful cultivation depends on quickly identifying and addressing the inevitable plant-health and mechanical issues that arise in every garden.

Use Fire Tower to easily track each issue. Ensure everyone stays informed and your team is able to fight the biggest fires first.

Learn from the ground up.

See at a glance every feed, spray, plant health issue, HVAC emergency, and so on, associated with each batch and which members of your team handled it.

Does your quality suffer in a particular room with different HVAC? Does one of your growers do an especially great job? Learn from your historical data the things that help or hurt your business.

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